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Wilderness Walk for 10-18-2012: Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Time for your hopes to be dashed. We warned you.

Matt Cardy - Getty Images

Remember that new hope you all were feeling yesterday? Forget about it. Done. Gonzo. The NHLPA points out a number of aspects of the deal proposed that the NHL is is likely not going to be pleased to discuss, let alone negotiate away. It seems that the NHL went to the 50 - 50 mark for the PR value of it, setting up the PA to be the bad guys when a deal doesn't get done immediately.

The big key hinges on what the split is of. 50% of nothing is nothing, right? So what is the NHL offering 50% of, exactly? This is another major point of contention, and is a very real specter hanging over the process. We all wanted to get to 50-50. We're there, but now they need to find a way to settle all of the other crap that they need to settle.

But hey, when I said that two months ago, I was an idiot. So, you know, you were warned.

This has a chance... a chance... to get done. It is going to take the leadership of the NHL being honest with themselves, and with the PA, and not trying to pull any magic tricks with the numbers. My faith in that happening is extremely low. Not to mention the contract stuff still needs to be hashed out.

All of these are items that could stall the process for extended periods of time. We have one piece of the puzzle in place, which is a good sign. The other 50 that need to be negotiated? Not so much.

Your links for the day are next. Please stick around today, as we will be introducing three new writers for your reading pleasure.

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