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Wilderness Walk for 10-2-2012: Uh... What Now?

Your daily waste of time, space, and likely a few minutes you will never get back.

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We haven't even lost a single regular season game to the lockout (yet), and still we find ourselves with very little to even put in the Walk each day. A handful of posts from the biggest players in the game is barely enough to even help you folks procrastinate to the morning meeting, let alone all the way to lunch. If this keeps up, you all may actually have to... gulp... work.

We'll do what we can to keep rolling. If anyone has suggestions for what else you might like to read about, we're all digital ears. Otherwise, one of these days, you're going to click on the Walk, and it is going to be nothing but links to recipes for Christmas cookies. And I don't even like Christmas.

Seriously. What do we do here, folks. We need your brains. Movie reviews? Books? Music?

This crap needs to end soon, or I'm going to send Bruce to write about JS playing NHL 13.

Here's Some Completely Unsorted Links

Swarm - SB Nation Minnesota - The NLL draft was last night. Man, it felt good to have something to write about.

Hitting up Gophers practice; NHL lockout smatterings | - Russo looks to be the next Gophers beat writer. If only I could muster a crap to give about college hockey.

Ridiculous CBA Proposals - St. Louis Game Time - This was a fun read.

First Round Bust: 2012 Minnesota Wild Prospects: #5 - Johan Larsson - Prospects make me sad.

NHL lockout 2012: Why the full season could easily be lost - When I'm linking to Dater, things have gotten bad.When I agree with him, we're looking for Mayan artifacts.

NSSRadioTV | Josh Rimer October 1st 2012 - The one where something named Bill Watters says Commissioner Gru would use replacement players if the lockout lasts until November, which would crack the union. Want to find a way to lose every fan you think will come flocking back? Use replacement players.

KPD Can't Put the Shovel Down - I thought we all agreed that gum flapping idiots could only talk about politics.

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