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Wilderness Walk for 10-23-2012: Blahbittyblahblah

Insert something witty here.

How goes it Wilderness?

That's all I've got right now. Nothing else. Here's your links.

Lockout News

Wild’s Koivu signs with Finnish club TPS | ProHockeyTalk - Good times.

First Round Bust: Make It Work Moment... - The guys at FRB have something to write about.

Daly: "Framework For New Deal On The Table" - Who's Table? - Gone Puck Wild - I've read this three times. Still haven't figured out the point of it.

First Round Bust: HRR and GREED - I agree. Greed is good. It provides drive. I do not agree that players somehow owe the owners for making them what they are.

The NHL’s free agency period may never be the same | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Indeed.

Other Things

Hitting The Post: The Dump In 102112 - Give 'er a listen.

The Third Intermission: Aeros Lose 5-4 in OT to Admirals - I'm not even sure what these words mean.

Granlund soaring; Solar Bears win 1st home game in 11 years; Gophers slip to No.2; Fehr's latest letter | - Granlund... Granlund... hmm... rings a bell...