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Niklas Backstrom Scores on Penalty Shot

Niklas Backstrom scored a goal in a charity game, giving him one more goal on the year than Zach Parise.

Last night, in Chicago, a bunch of NHLers got together and played a charity game (Champs for Charity). The event reportedly raised over $300,000, and was a good time for everyone involved. By the way, you still have time to get tickets to the Defending the Blue Line charity game being held at Mariucci on Sunday at 6PM. You can't possibly be so bitter about all this that you are going to let Chicago show you up, are you?

Back to the point.

At some point in the game, there was a goaltender interference penalty. As is the case in most of these type of events, players don't sit in the box, and there are no power plays. Only penalty shots awarded to the fouled player. In this case, that honor fell on the Wild's Niklas Backstrom.

The best part? He scored. This, of course, gives him one more goal on the season than Zach Parise.

Here's a still picture to prove it was Backstrom, in case you're the tin foil hat type.

Stick tap to FEL0096 on Twitter for the video.