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Wilderness Walk for 10-30-2012

Something something something.

Alan Crowhurst

Everyday that passes in this disaster is another day of searching for content that is worthy of bringing to you in our little "daily" post. This time, we went four days without one, and barely scraped together enough to do anything with. That isn't to say that sites aren't writing. Apparently, we are one of the few that hasn't found anything worth writing about.

Not sure if that means we just aren't as creative as the others, or that we just don't care enough to try to put something together that doesn't actually deserve being put together. I'm just not sure how many posts about random randomness I have in me.

So, we go to the links. I guess.

Ryan Suter is not a man of strong convictions | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Life lessons - if you have an opinion, and you don't feel like changing it, you are a moron that "ignores the facts" and is unwilling to change based on facts (not Wysh's words). However, if you state an opinion, then take some time to think about it, and you decide you were too harsh, you have no conviction.


The Third Intermission: Aeros make awesomesauce right at your table, whitewash MKE 4-0 - Someone cares about this.

Gophers tie Under-18s; Aeros pile up goals | - This, too.

NHL Lockout: NBA Set to fill NHL Void in Cities Across the Country - So many things wrong with this post. One, the NBA is NOT a replacement for the NHL. Nice try, though. Two, there are at least ten sentences that flat out don't follow basic rules of grammar.

First Round Bust: Happy Blogoversary! First Round Bust Turns 2 - OK, this we can care about. Congrats to the entire team at FRB. A great site, doing great work. If you aren't reading them, I'm just not sure why.

Wild Employee Volunteerism | - Good to see the team personnel getting off their dead butt... I kid, I kid. Great job by everyone invovled!

Fun night of hockey as Army rallies; Ryan Suter's second thoughts about Craig Leipold comments | - Yep. It was a great night. If you missed it, you suck.

NHL's Fehr in town to meet with players | - Newspaper version of this. Must read if you still care.

Star Tribune sits down with NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr | - Blog version.

Finally, I got this from a friend last night. It made me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh. If it doesn't, I don't rightly give a crap.