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Mikael Granlund Wins AHL Rookie of the Month

Mikael Granlund picks up Rookie of the Month honors, annoying Oilers fans everywhere.

He's almost as good as his hair looks.
He's almost as good as his hair looks.
Harry How

To absolutely no one around here's surprise, Mikael Granlund is the best rookie in the AHL. We might be so bold as to say the best player in the AHL, but we don't need the Edmonton Oilers fanbase coming over here talking about Taylor Hall's ability to avoid being a flop for a month. Of course, former Wisconsin Badger, and current leader in mulling things over, Justin Schultz was named the AHL Player of the Month.

Clearly, the AHL just felt bad for the kid having spent so much time in Wisconsin.

As for Granlund, he came out of the gates and quickly put to bed any worries about his game translating to the North American game. A six game scoring streak, three goals, seven assists, 1.43 PPG. This is, in the words of Socrates, "pretty good."

This, of course, has fans around the continent wondering how Granlund wins the Rookie of the Month, while Schultz was considered the best player in the league (and is also a rookie). It's simple really. The AHL just likes to push Oilers fans' buttons. It's a respectable way of doing business.

Congrats to young Mr. Granlund. We're sure this won't be the last award you win, kid.