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Welcome Eminemilie to Hockey Wilderness

We continue to stockpile talent, waiting for the inevitable return of a 20 team NHL.

Richard Wolowicz

In an effort to keep Hockey Wilderness growing, and be prepared for the inevitable return of the 20 team NHL, we continue to add talent to the roster and keep you all entertained. Today, we add our fourth new writer in just a couple months, as your cohort, known around these parts as "eminemilie," takes on the task of helping out with Aeros coverage and other writings as she deems fit.

Emilie has been hosting Aeros game day open threads, so please patronize those and support your minor league squad. You never know when they might become your major league club.

Please, welcome Emilie as only you can.

Hey fellow Wilderness folks! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Emilie Wiener (yes, I know my last name is hysterical) better known as eminemilie. I have been carrying that nickname around since my college days when my roommate was too drunk to pronounce my name and stuttered out "emmy-nem-a-lee". I was born and raised in Minnesota and love it here for the most part.

I've never really played hockey, other than a few pick-up games here and there growing up. I do occasionally play inline hockey with some of the guys over at Second City Hockey when I'm down in Chicago however. As much as I love Minnesota, I hope I get the chance to live there someday (and root for the Wild at the United Center!). What I lack in playing time, I make up for with my obsession on all other things relating to hockey. My family has told me on numerous occasions that I need to find a new hobby (Don't worry, I won't).

Some other interesting and fun facts about myself; my real job involves working at a bookstore, which isn't as relaxing as some people think. I'm crazy about running, and looking forward to lacing my skates up this winter for some friendly hockey games. I have partial season tickets, so if there is actually a season this year I'll be at the X a lot too. The backseat of my car says a lot about me, and currently it is holding my skates, hockey stick and gloves, as well as a makeup bag and a pair of high heels.

As far as Wild hockey goes, it should come as no surprise that my favorite player is Matt Kassian, followed closely by Jared Spurgeon. I'm a strong believer that Minnesota will be a team to beat in the next couple of seasons. I have a soft spot for most of our prospects, but I don't hesitate to call any player out for not pulling their weight on the team (up here and in Houston). I've been keeping up with the Aero's this season and recently started tracking penalty information, which I find fascinating.

I'm so excited to be part of the writing group around here. Feel free to contact me about anything, my twitter account is linked in my signature (@eminemilie) and my email is attached to my account here.