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Mikael Granlund and Jonas Brodin Injured in Aeros Loss

The two top prospects for the Minnesota Wild were both injured within minutes of each other. Mikael Granlund and Jonas Brodin both left the game. One hit looks dirty.

There is no good news, except impressive showings from many of the top prospects in the organization. The really bad news is, Mikael Granlund and Jonas Brodin were both injured, and they look bad, within minutes of each other. This is not good news, to be sure, and could not have come against a more appropriate team, with the Edmonton Oilers' top affiliate endearing the organization even more to Wild fans everywhere.

Video of both injuries follows, though both are from a ways out, so do with it as you will. Stick tap to @FEL0096 on Twitter for the footage.

The Granlund injury, you can see above. From the view we have, nothing looks dirty. Unless something happened that we can't see, it looks like an unfortunate hit, and Granlund got twisted up and landed funny. Hopefully it isn't bad, and Granlund is back in the lineup soon.

Jonas Brodin Injury

This one looks dirty to me. The refs called a head hit, which we can't confirm or deny from this video. However, it is definitely charging. A quick count, without slow motion, I could about six strides before Brodin is leveled and hits the boards. The hitter? None other than Taylor Hall.

Apparently, being a flop wasn't good enough for Mr. Second Line. He now feels he needs to take out the defenders who will be proving just how flopalicious he is for the next ten to fifteen years. Call it what you will, I'm not sure on a head shot, but it is clearly charging by the standard of any league, and if Brendan Shanahan and his band of buffoons were in charge, Hall would likely get a medal and a cookie.

Let's hope the AHL knows better.

There you have it, Wilderness. Not only is the lockout robbing you of your ability to watch the Wild, but now it is starting to rob you of the prospects that were your last shred of hope.

Let's hear your thoughts.