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Aeros GDT 11/25

The Houston Aeros take on the Abbotsford Heat tonight at 5pm

In Brust, most trust
In Brust, most trust
Martin Rose

It’s game day for the Houston Aeros. Tonight’s game is a 5pm start against the Abbotsford Heat (baby Flames), and it looks like it will be a great game. The Heat currently hold the number one spot in the AHL rankings, with 27 points this season. The Aeros are sitting in the middle of the pack with 19 points. The Aeros most likely will be going up against Barry Brust, who posted a new record of going 268:17 minutes without allowing a goal last night. Not too bad for the former Aeros goaltender.

If Brust is in goal, the fact of the matter is that the Aeros are going to have a hard time scoring tonight. It is possible however, as the San Antonio Rampage showed last night in their 2-1 shootout loss against the Heat. Jason Zucker, Charlie Coyle, Justin Fontaine and Johan Larrson need to have their heads in the game and get the puck in the net. Marco Scandella absolutely needs to step up and be the force that we all know he can be on the defensive end. Drew Bagnall, Tyler Cuma and Brian Connelly need play their roles as well. Chay Genoway cannot be the only guy out there playing decent defense tonight if the Aeros want to win.

It’s a bit of a long shot, but I think the Aeros have a decent chance to win tonight IF everyone plays the system and plays their role (and obviously Matt Hackett or Darcy Kuemper need to be on form as well). The guys have looked pretty good in their last few games, and it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that they could extend their two-game winning streak (how sad is that…) to three tonight.

Unfortunately I will be unable to watch most of the game tonight, so it’s up to you guys to keep the thread alive. I’ll try and post updates every so often. The final wrap-up won’t be posted until after 10pm tonight (I hate having a real job). As far as injured reserve goes, Mikhael Granlund is finally back in Houston and finishing up his ankle rehab. No word on exactly when he will be back, but the Little Fin will be back on the ice in the next few weeks most likely. I believe Jonas Brodin is still rehabbing up here in St. Paul, and no word on Steven Kaumpfer’s injury or recovery time. Hopefully with his head injury history, they are going to take time to make sure he is fully healed before putting him back in the lineup.

Since the Heat have the top record in the league at the moment, SiriusXM is airing the game tonight, however it will be joining the game in progress. Check out Aero Joe’s twitter feed about an hour before puck drop for an audio feed from him. Most likely it will be on KNTH 1070AM in Houston as well.

Tonight’s questions

  1. Oh Marco. When will you start to play like you belong on the big clubs roster? Is tonight the night you score a goal? Or block a shot? Or do something besides standing on the ice looking pretty?
  2. Brust is a former Aero, and has played with a fair number of guys that are on the team now. How does he fair against beast line 2.0 (Zucker-Larrson-Coyle)?
  3. The Aeros play the heat four times this year, but their next game isn’t until March. Does either team attempt to start a bit of a rivalry to carry over into the 3 march games?
  4. Finally, the Aeros have realized that their parade to the penalty box was not beneficial to their game. Who makes my naughty list A.K.A my pretty penalty spreadsheet, tonight? (This is still my favorite picture from this season though…they look so cozy!)
  5. Assuming Matt Hackett starts, does he have to stand on his head again? I’ve pretty much called out the entire team at this point, so I’m not sure if my call out magic is still working. I should get that checked out probably.