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JS vs. Emilie: Ban Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Moose

The two HW kids are bickering. Help them fuel the flame! Help them find hockey-related topics for debate posts!

The stage is set
The stage is set
Bruce Bennett

It’s been 2 months since I last wrote an article for HW. Damned lockout.

If you were reading some of latest Aeros game threads, you may have read about a little incident between HW rookie Emilie and I. We were wondering about our powers as writers for HW, mainly in terms of ban-hammer usage. Long story short, after some experimentation, I was issued a ‘’warning’’ by Emilie. That’s right: A newly promoted editor almost got banned by the newest member of the team. We’ve been playfully jabbing each other back and forth ever since and Bryan mentioned that we should turn this into a feature somehow… after which he would ground us both for misbehaving. Nathan even threatened to turn the Internet around if we didn’t fly right. (No fair, Em started it. She had her feet on my side of the Internet).

So what am I babbling on about? Well Emilie and I have decided to try out a debate-type feature and we need the readers to get us started. Give us your ideas for topics on which we can butt heads. We’ll do this kind of like school debates: For vs. Against (Or whatever the situation calls for). Even if we agree on something, we’ll force ourselves to don the ‘’opposite cloak’’ and find some counter-points. Wouldn’t be much of a debate otherwise!

So have at it! What would you like us to discuss? If you aren’t following us on Twitter, shame on you and do it now. We may chitchat about our views before/after our posts. I’m @BubbleWild48, she’s @eminemilie. We’ll also be using hashtags; are you #TeamSyrupyMoose or #TeamSunshine? (I think you can guess which is which.) We’ll have a voting system in each of our posts to see who wins the debates. Try to vote fairly though! Bragging rights are at stake!

Oh, and now that we know, thanks to Emilie, that we can ban people, don’t you dare ask us to debate on any stats/Oilers related stuff. You will be the nails to our ban-hammers. We're tired of talking about them and there's no possible way we'll ever disagree with each other about them.

Anyhoo, let the battle begin!

#TeamSyrupyMoose VS. #TeamSunshine