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Aeros game DAY thread 12/11

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The Houston Aeros take on the San Antonio Rampage in today's 11am game

Hannah Foslien

It’s game DAY Wilderness. That’s right, the Houston Aeros are playing a day game at 11am this morning down in Houston. They will be taking on the San Antonio Rampage in what is considered some sort of community event for kids down there, like a field trip. I wish I got to go on hockey field trips when I was in school. If nothing else, make sure you follow Heather/Ms. Conduct on twitter who will be covering the game with screaming children completely sober. Should be a fun time.

So, the Ramapge are an old foe for the Aeros. Division rivals, one of the three Texas AHL teams, you know the story. The Aeros are probably still smarting a bit from their loss on Sunday night, while the Rampage beat Abbottsford Sunday night. This is really a toss-up game for both teams. If the Aeros play a good game like they have been playing for the most part recently, they can easily win this game. If they let their defense slack and play like they did on Sunday, the Rampage could easily take this one.

Due to it being a day game, and the fact that I’m still not feeling 100% I’m not going to do game questions. I’ll try and post updates, and for sure will be doing end of period wrap ups. Feel free to drop a line and say hi! Also, be sure to drop by this weekend for the games. The Aeros are starting a 3 in 3 that will bring about good games. They take on Charlotte (Charlotte is currently in 3rd place in the conference, one above the Aeros) Friday @7 and Saturday @11am.They rush back to Houston to take on OKC (again) at 5pm Sunday night