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Aeros GDT 12/16

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Houston takes on the Barons at 5pm tonight

Martin Rose

Alrighty Wilderness, its game day. Again. Tonight the Aeros take on the annoying OKC Barons at 5pm for what should be a good game. Make sure to check in with Aero Joe for an audio link, as I will be at work until well into the second period.

So, at this point we are all well acquainted with the Barons and their horrible ways of playing hockey. The good news is that RNH won’t be playing because he is with the Canadian WJ team To bad he couldn’t take Schultzy as a roommate, I’d like to see him out of a few games…

Anyway. The Barons have fallen to 7th place in the Western Conference. Before you get all excited however, they are only one point behind the 4th place Aeros. Basically, the Aeros need to win this game in order to not fall behind the like 8 teams that have 29 points.

Should be a good game, catch you all in the 2nd.

Tonight’s questions

  1. Tonight is the last game in a 3-in-3 that involved the Aeros Bussing back from Charlotte yesterday. How does this affect their game?
  2. Marco Scandella scored a pretty sweet goal last game, and had some flashes of a "hey maybe I DO know how to play defense" game. How does he look tonight?
  3. The beast line was completely shut down in the series against the Checkers. Do they rebound tonight?
  4. Traditionally, the Aeros really hate the Barons. Almost as much as we hate Oiler fans. I have been slacking on updating my PIM chart…How much work do I have to put in tomorrow to keep it up to date? (I’m thinking we get at least 4 fighting majors tonight)
  5. Matt Hackett sat out yesterdays game. Does this mean that he’s well rested and ready to put the Barons in their place?