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Aeros GDT 12/20- Bring it baby Avs edition!

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The Aeros take on the Lake Erie Monsters tonight at 6:30 CST

The Kaptian says you better win Aeros
The Kaptian says you better win Aeros
Hannah Foslien

Good evening Wilderness! With the holiday break coming up, the Aeros start their last series tonight before the break. Tonight and Saturday night the Aeros will take on the Lake Erie Monsters, otherwise known as the baby Avs. Tonights game starts at 7pm EST (that’s 6pm for us CST folks).Saturdays game is a 7:30 EST start (again, 6:30 for us CST people).

The Aeros last game was their huge SOW against the Barons on Sunday, which was a nice way to end a 3-in-3 that wasn’t really going their way. Their current record is 14-8-1-3 which is good enough for 5th place in the Western Conference. The Monsters are sitting in 11th place in Western Conference with an even record of 13-13-1-1.

Don’t let their record fool you though, this is not going to be an easy game for the Aeros. Mike Sgarbossa is the Monsters leading scorer with 11 goals and 14 assists. He is the 2nd ranked rookie in the AHL right now. We all know future second liner Jason Zucker isn’t far behind him in points, with 13 goals and 9 assists. The Monsters also have 2 more guys on the top 50 pts leader board. Luck for the Aeros, one of their huge PIM guys is out on suspension. This means our likelihood of traumatic injury is kinda low. I talked to Heather this morning, and at least one of our injury guys is coming back tonight. She couldn’t get names, but suspects that it’s Foucault, Rau and/or McMillian. Regardless, good for us because all three are pretty big energy guys.

The Monsters are coming off an overtime win against the Marlies last night. The interesting tidbit about that game is that with the one point the Marlies got for the OTL, they have jumped into 4th place in the western conference. That’s one spot above the Aeros. Remember when the Aeros played the Marlies and they were the worst team in the AHL? That was just over a month ago. Welcome to the western conference in the AHL folks. This years Caluder Cup playoffs are going to be INSANE.

Per usual lately, I’m working for the first part of the game. I will start updates once I get home, but that will probably be around the start of the 3rd period. If anyone wants to do updates while I am gone I would love you forever. Check out the audio link from Aero Joe, or follow the game on AHL live (or unprintable other sources if you must). Catch you all tonight!

Tonight’s questions

  1. The Wild and the Avs really don’t like each other much. How does that rivalry translate into the AHL?
  2. Mikael Granlund got some of his game back against OKC (how fitting by the way). He was visibly upset after his shoot-out goal went in on luck instead of his skill. Does he come back playing with vengeance tonight to make up for it?
  3. The Beast line of Zucker, Granlund and Charlie Coyle has had some sick goals and plays recently. What do they do tonight?
  4. Zach Phillips had an absolutely filthy shoot-out goal against OKC. He’s been quiet so far this year, and has noticeably struggled to adjust his game to a new team and new league. Does that goal signal a transition point for him?
  5. Oh Aeros defense. You have proven that signing Ryan Suter only temporarily helps the Wilds struggle d-corps. Please, can someone step up and play the game tonight?