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Aeros GDT 12/22 Bring it Baby Avs 2.0 edition

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Areos. Monsters. Tonight at 6:30 CST. Last game before the holiday break for the Aeros. Big win time?

This is how last game went. It's on tonight.
This is how last game went. It's on tonight.
Doug Pensinger

Happy last Aeros game before the holiday break Wilderness! Tonight is version 2.0 of the Aeros verses the baby Avs (tonight at 6:30 CST). Last game didn’t go as planned, although if it hadn’t been for the OOPS move by Genoway/Zucker, it’s entirely possible that the Aeros would have won that game.

As for Marco Scandella, according to Russo it is NOT a concussion (collective big sigh here), but he has some muscle issues in his back. To re-cap for those that weren’t here, Pizza got hit from behind into the boards and ended up needing medical help to get off the ice. I wonder if the guy that hit him is going to end up with a suspension. I will look into this and try and post an update before the game

Otherwise, it’s the same rundown as last game. Sgarbossa is the guy to watch from the Monsters, they just beat the Aeros…blah, blah, blah.

I will be present the whole game tonight (YAY) so I’ll get Joe’s feed in the comments once it’s posted. AHL live usually has radio audio for games as well. I am going to be lazy and recycle the Questions from Friday since I never got around to answering them. I PROMISE I will answer them using both games though.

Tonight’s Questions

  1. The Wild and the Avs really don’t like each other much. How does that rivalry translate into the AHL?
  2. Mikael Granlund got some of his game back against OKC (how fitting by the way). He was visibly upset after his shoot-out goal went in on luck instead of his skill. Does he come back playing with vengeance tonight to make up for it?
  3. The Beast line of Zucker, Granlund and Charlie Coyle has had some sick goals and plays recently. What do they do tonight?
  4. Zach Phillips had an absolutely filthy shoot-out goal against OKC. He’s been quiet so far this year, and has noticeably struggled to adjust his game to a new team and new league. Does that goal signal a transition point for him?
  5. Oh Aeros defense. You have proven that signing Ryan Suter only temporarily helps the Wilds struggle d-corps. Please, can someone step up and play the game tonight?