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Aeros GDT 12/26- Texas Stars edition

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The Aeros take on the baby Stars tonight at 7pm. Hopefully the Stars ate too much food the last few days and will spend the evening taking naps instead of playing

Hannah Foslien

Happy holidays Wilderness! Tonight is the Aeros first game after a few days of a holiday break. According to twitter, quite a few of the guys spent the yesterday traveling back to Houston in order to be back in time for the game tonight. Hopefully no one suffers from jet lag (at least on the Aeros side!).

The game tonight is against the pesky Stars. The Stars have managed to leap frog into fifth place in the Western Conference, two places above the Aeros. The Aeros have two things in their favor however. One, they are only 2 points behind the Stars so if they win tonight it means that they are tied for fifth place. Two, the Stars released Cam Barker from his PTO so the Aeros don’t have to worry about their pesky horrific flop of a former teammate.

There are some things to be worried about though. The Stars are 6-2-1-1 in their last ten games, while the Aeros are 5-4-0-1. But the Aeros have played the Stars four times this season, and walked away with a W in 3 of those games. Tonight seems like a build-up of a good game, or it could signal the beginning of the all too familiar horrible December record that seems to plague the hockey teams we love.

I’ll post audio feed information as it becomes available.

Tonights question

The AHL took at 2 day break so people could spend time with their families. Does the break positively or negatively affect the Aeros?

The Stars have been tearing it up lately, but have typically played pretty bad against the Aeros. Which team do we see tonight?

The Aeros have taken 46 PIM against the Stars (average of 11.5 PIM per game). What does this game look like penalty wise?

If Pizza doesn’t return to playing tonight, the Aeros defense is basically in shambles. They weren’t doing much to begin with, but with the top guy out things have the potential to get really bad. How does Torchy fix this?

With the defense in the shape it’s in, a lot of the forwards have to play as 2-way players. Which guys are fitting in as 2-way players, and which ones are struggling?