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Aeros GDT 12/28-Baby Hurricanes edition

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The Aeros take on the Checkers tonight at 7pm CST. Hopefully this game is more tolerable than the last 3 games against the Checkers.

John Grieshop

Evening Wilderness. It's game night, with the Aeros facing the Charlotte Checkers tonight at 7pm. The Checkers are in 1st place in the Western conference, and swept the Aeros in the two game series a few weeks ago. The Checkers are 6-3-0-1 in the last 10 games, compared to the Aeros 5-4-0-1. The Aeros did manage to leap frog the Barons (ewwww oilers…) with their overtime win against the Stars on Wednesday night. The Aeros are only 5 points behind the Checkers for lead in the Western Conference.

While the teams seem close in points and score, the Checkers completely dominated the Aeros during the last series. The Checkers posted a shut-out for one game, which is the only time the Aeros have been unable to score in a game this season. It also seems pretty likely that Marco Scandella will be out for this game. Having your top defense guys out against the best team in the conference is going to hurt.

Per usual, I’ll post up radio feed info once it’s available. Let’s get the party started folks.

Tonight's Questions

  1. What’s the word on Pizza?
  2. On the same note, what’s the word on other injuries plaguing the team?
  3. The beast line looked pretty good against the Stars Wednesday. How does it look tonight?
  4. (Stealing from Wednesday's questions) Who steps up on defense tonight?
  5. How badly do the Checkers wipe the floor with the Aeros?