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Aeros GDT 12/29-Baby Panthers edition!

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The Aeros take on the San Antonio Rampage tonight at 7pm in the last Aeros game this year

Hannah Foslien

It’s game time Wilderness! Tonight, the Aeros take on the Rampage, AKA the baby Panthers at 7pm. I personally really enjoy these games…the Aeros have played them a bunch this season and the Rampage have managed to make me think about cheering for the Panthers once the NHL gets this CBA thing worked out. Plus, if you haven’t become a fan after seeing their goalie dance on the ice, something is wrong with you. YouTube Markstrom dance folks, seriously.

The Aeros are fresh off a great win over Charlotte in OT last night. That win is a HUGE momentum swinger for the Aeros. Charlotte has been wiping the floor with the baby Wild all year (a lot of other teams too), and are in 1st place in the division. At no point during the game did the Aeros look like they were being outplayed. I was a bit nervous when the Checkers took the lead in the 3rd, but the Aeros recovered nicely and they really looked great last night. It’s actually going to be a bit of a bummer if the NHL starts soon, the chemistry these guys have right now is really something to watch.

The Rampage are 3-6-0-1 in their last 10, but don’t let their record fool you. The Aeros have played them a number of times already this year, and some of those games have been pretty close (including one loss at the beginning of the season). Tonight’s game should be good and end with an Aeros win, but the hockey gods are not always with us.

Per usual, I’ll post up radio feed info once it’s available.

Tonight’s Questions

  1. Phillips was on fire last night. Does he bring that momentum to the game tonight?
  2. Overall, the Aeros have been playing really good hockey. Last night the entire team busted their behinds to get the W. Does that carry over into tonights game?
  3. How does Hackett play after having a night off?
  4. Defense was awesome last night. Same tonight?
  5. The Aeros have been doing pretty good with special teams. What does the PP and PK look like tonight?