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Aeros GDT 12/9

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The Aeros take on the Peoria Rivermen at 5 tonight

Hackett saves!
Hackett saves!
Ezra Shaw

Welcome to a snowy game day in Minnesota! The Houston Aeros are enjoying a balmy 80 degree day, although from the players twitter accounts it appears a few of them would rather be experiencing a snow storm.

So the game tonight is a 5pm puck drop against Peoria (Baby Blues), who are currently sitting 9 points behind the Aeros in last place in the western conference. In theory this match up shouldn’t pose much of a fight to continue the Aeros hot streak, but considering that this is the Minnesota Wild’s farm team anything can (and probably will) happen.

Pay attention to future second liner Jason Zucker, who scored the GWG in OT on Friday night. He’s been on fire lately, scoring 10 goals in the past 11 games. Matt Hackett will be playing in net again tonight, and he has certainly been proving that he is a goaltender to be reckoned with.

It appears that Tyler Cuma has been injured, and Kyle Medvac has made the trip from Orlando with Darcy Kuemper in order to play tonight. Hopefully this means that the Aeros defense will have a bit of an extra spark in it tonight.

In random Hockey Wilderness news, I apologize for not getting the wrap up down for Friday night’s game, I am still in recovery mode and not really having the energy to do much at the moment other than sleep. I will be doing game updates tonight unless I fall asleep in the middle of the game. Also, Squabbling Siblings will be taking a one week break this week due to JS being in the middle of finals. In order to make up for it, I’ll be posting a piece about the Aeros and their penalties this year at some point over the week.

Tonight’s questions

  1. Mikael Granlund was back in action on Friday. It appeared that he was trying to adjust back to playing, so is tonight the night he starts his point streak again?
  2. Peoria is the second worse team in the AHL right now. Does this make tonight’s game a cake walk for the Aeros?
  3. Which Aeros offensive star stands out tonight? Coyle has been pretty quiet lately, I'd really like to see something spectacular out of him...
  4. Does Medvac bring a bit of a spark to the defense tonight?
  5. How many times do I miss-spell things tonight? (Take it easy on me kids!)