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Wilderness Walk for 2-11-2012: Game Day Edition

The team has been called out by their coach. A player has been given his notice he is on his way out. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Now all that is left is for the team to either pick it up or walk away from it. How they respond will be interesting to watch. To have the last place team in the league be the team to face to make your point against.

Of course, on the flip side, even if they win, the skeptics have their way out. After all, it's just the Blue Jackets, right?

Perhaps a 8-0 thumping might help. Who knows what it might take at this point. What really needs to happen is to rattle off five or six wins in a row. That might actually provide some sort of evidence that they remembered how to suit up and play the game. As a reminder to the players, the bulk of Wild fans just want an effort. Win or lose, if they play well, the fans will support them.

A little hard work is all that is asked. Sorry, Tom.

First Things First

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Wild News

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Chip Scoggins: Wild caught in a cycle of so many words, so few deeds | - Good read. I agree with 99%. When he calls out Nick Schultz, I get a little hazy on the evidence.

Enemy News

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The Cannon - SBNation home for the Jackets.

Tending the Fields

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The Third Intermission: Ortmeyer Returns - Indeed.

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Off the Trail

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, they be making hockey memes here - Nucks Misconduct - Read the Patrick Kane comic. Good humor.