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Wilderness Walk for 2-12-2012

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Before we get too far, let me take just one second to tell you that the Minnesota Swarm are hosting their annual Dog Day at the X today at 2PM. You can bring your dog to the X. On top of that, you can watch a team in your favorite building, one that scores and even wins.

Just a suggestion.

As for the Wild. The words are beginning to run out, as they did last year and the year before. The same problems reappear, with a similar lack of solutions. The biggest difference is that no one has said "I don't know" to the press, yet. At least this year's squad continues to try to find solutions. If nothing else, that is an improvement.

Not much of a win, but even a small win has to count for something at this point.

First Things First

Vote - If you won't take my suggestion and head to the Swarm game, the least you could do is go vote for DTBL. We don't charge a dime for all the fun here at HW. We rarely ask for anything in return. Do this for us.

Wild News

Wild loses to Blue Jackets for the second time in five nights | - Le sigh.

Staubitz clears waivers; Lundin back in; Rau suspended for Zucker hit | - Something was mentioned in the press box last night. The status quo needs to be changed. While sending Staubitz to Houston is not a decision I disagree with, it doesn't do much.

Wild brings some buzz but can't beat Blue Jackets | - Gamer from Russo.

Shots come, but goals don't for Wild - Shots, shots, shotshotshots.

Wild drop second game to lowly Blue Jackets in five days - - Gamer from across the river.

Defenseman keeps healthy outlook about his scratches | - "Pulling a Zidlicky." So many definitions for that phrase.

Michael Russo’s Sunday Insider: Fletcher weighs options | - Hold tight, sir. It isn't worth it.

Tom Powers: Moral victory against Columbus? Ha! - - Once again, Mr. Powers embarrasses himself. He has a point. One I agree with. Then he has to make a snide joke about the ethnicity of two players? Really? I wonder if he would have done the same had the players been black. How about if they were white? Would he ever write - I came to watch the two new white guys in town? Imagine what would be said if he would have written "But I wanted to see the new black kid in town."

The Pioneer Press, Tom Powers, and the editor who allowed this filth to be published owe both of these players a public apology.

Disgusting. Completely unnecessary, adds nothing to his point, and makes the entire article tainted. Go watch some concrete dry.

Tending the Fields

Vees make it 31 - Sports - - Mario Lucia. Learning how to win.

Chad Rau’s brother suspended for hit on Wild prospect in college game | Hockey Stop | a blog - Hockey is a small community...