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Wilderness Walk for 2-13-2012

Update - 11:30AM: Apparently, this didn't want to auto post as instructed, so here are your late headlines.

Off day fun today. Not much to talk about, unless you count the post from earlier this AM, but who wants to dwell on that?

Let's talk about... stats. Just for a second. Seeing some gloating start to creep in from those "I told you so" types. The Wild crashed and burned, just like the predicted. They should be proud, right? I still don't see it that way. They say the numbers told them the Wild would crash and burn. We said if they play the system, there is no reason they should.

They stopped playing the system. They crashed and burned.

Did the numbers change much? Nope. Did the Wild suddenly realize their Corsi and Fenwick were poor and start gripping the stick a little too much? Nope. Turns out, they don't even use those numbers. The predictors that said they would crash and burn were two months behind schedule. They also never said it would be this bad.

As of right now, I see tweets aimed at the HW account RTing things said in November and mocking the words. We feel no differently now than we did then. The numbers told us nothing. The team quit, and failed. The numbers didn't change, and the situation did, so I still see no reason to believe they predicted anything.

Moving on.

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Wild News

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Tending the Fields

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