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Weekly Wild Update: 2-13-2012

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They no longer sell syrup of ipecac. Use this picture instead.
They no longer sell syrup of ipecac. Use this picture instead.

It's been a rough week. You all know that. Should you wish to forget, you have tow options. Skip this particular post, or grab a bottle of whiskey and start drinking. If you are at work, we recommend avoiding the second option.

It has been awhile since we had a reason to be overly positive. With the deadline coming up, maybe we'll take some time to look at that this week. Maybe not. Who knows. Much like the Wild, we are having a tough time deciding if we are buyers or sellers. Not looking forward to watching all day coverage to see Chris Simon for a sixth round pick.

Usually, the games are enough a distraction to just get a hockey fix and move through the week. Not this time. Maybe someone will write a stupid article to give us something to do.

If only.

Last Week

What's left to say about last week? Six points that the Wild could and should have won all went the other direction. A grand total of zero points for the week.

It all started with a loss to the Blue Jackets, something the Wild are wont to do, especially in Columbus. The week moved on to a defeat at the hands of the Canucks that saw anger from the coach and the GM. After getting ripped, the Wild came out, laid an egg against the Jackets again, and then... nothing. Just... nothing.

Angry about being beaten by one of the best teams in the league, apathetic about being beaten twice by the worst team in hockey. Something's just not right there.

The Week Ahead

Big week, this one. Four games, two against teams that a Wild team playing actual hockey should be able to win, another on the road with a team that has been playing some damn fine hockey, and then the Cup champs come to town. Eight points available, six of them certainly in the "could win" column. How many do you bet they wind up with?

Tuesday, the Wild host the Ducks, a team that at one point were 23 points behind the Wild. They are now five. They changed coaches and found a groove. They have far too much talent to be where they are in the standings. Fans asking on Twitter if the Ducks are more talented than the Wild. The answer is easy. The Ducks first line has more talent than the entire Wild roster.

That's Valentine's Day. There's a joke about scoring here. I won't make it.

Two days later, the Winnipeg Jets come to down to see if the spark of a rivalry might still be there. The question posed here was would anyone bet the Wild end up with more points than the Jets at this point. My answer is no. Yours?

Then, it is on the road to St. Louis to face the Blues, and team that also found their game after a coaching change. Games against the Blues are always fun to watch, as they play physical and hard. They have scoring, defense, and goaltending, so this one won't be easy. Even if the Wild find a way to score in the next week.

The week wraps up on Sunday with a visit from the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. Maybe the Wild could fly the President in and get Tim Thomas to protest. That would be the only real shot the Wild have to win this game. Not to be overly negative, but there is about a 1.5% chance the Wild escape this without looking like a door mat. But hey, at least it gives Wild fans a chance to look at what hockey should look like.