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Let's Meet: Kris Foucault

There he is. Do with it as you will.
There he is. Do with it as you will.

The Wild have once again turned to Houston for help. With Cal Clutterbuck out of the lineup with his third charlie horse of the year, the debut of the day belongs to Kristopher Foucault. Kris for short.

A fourth round pick on 2009, Foucault has shown a knack for the net at each level he has played at. With the Calgary Hitmen, he put up more than 40 points two seasons in a row, despite only having around 65 games to do so. He has good size, seems to play physical, and is second on the Aeros in scoring with 23 points in 43 games played.

Judging by the dearth of information on the guy, he could be just the unknown factor the Wild need. The Wild could use a boost, and NHL debuts have been good for the team. Maybe with a little hard work (Sorry Tom), Foucault can make an impact and give himself a shot to stick around. Stranger things have happened.

After the jump, a look at who the kid is.

The Stats

The Experts

From the Houston Chronicle:

Left winger Kris Foucault shares the same number, 13, as his NHL idol Pavel Datsyuk, but make no mistake about it, Focault would hold nothing back going against him next time he gets a shot with the Minnesota Wild.

From First Round Bust:

His one shining moment since being drafted was going on a tear in last season's CHL playoffs (scoring nine goals in twenty-three games) but even then Foucault was not able to follow up this season. I'd be surprised if he makes the big club without adapting his game (i.e. becoming more physical or working on two-way play) but Foucault should be a good addition to the Aeros and Wild organization.

The Video

Surprisingly little video of this guy exists. Here you go, though:

Where he Plays

The likelihood of Foucault getting top six minutes is small. He will likely slot in on the third line, perhaps taking Clutterbuck's spot. He won't be asked to be the leading scorer by any means, but he certainly will not be told to avoid the net. To quote the former regime, temper your expectations. Let the kid come up and be a rookie.