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Wilderness Walk for 2-17-2012

Anything left to say right now? Or is it just time to give up and move on? That is, obviously for each of you to decide. There certainly doesn't seem to be much hope at this point. No one seems to want to be that X factor they need to be to pull this team upright.

The pointing of fingers by the fan base has begun. Some say Fletcher, others say Yeo, still others have individual players in their cross hairs. Could it just be that this is not the right mix of players? Does everything always have to be so angry and bloodthirsty that blame must be leveled and someone must lose their job to quench the thirst?

Negativity is going to be the going rate for the rest of the season, unless something changes... and now. No one wants to quiet the discussion, but let's try to keep it logical (at least to a point), shall we?

After the jump, a short Walk to get you going for the day.

Vote - Cal Clutterbuck thinks you should vote, and I do, too. So get on it.

Wild News

Clutterbuck Game-Time Decision | - He was in, and he was certainly a presence...

Wild's Zidlicky scratched tonight | - Whatever the offer on the table is, it is time to take it and get him gone.

Zidlicky sits as rift widens | - Distraction, thy name is Zidlicky. - Report: No deal yet for Wild's Zidlicky - 2012 Trade Deadline - You can be certain it will happen while I have no way to comment on it.

Wild's winless streak hits a deep 6 | - As a student of PR, the focus from the team likely wants to be on the one point, but one point is... not good enough.

Wild's Prosser had hometown role models - There you go. Throw the hometown boy story out there.

Awesome atmosphere at the X, but Jets fans leave happy after shootout win | - The building was rocking, but all for naught.

Off the Trail

Swarm in close quarters |
- Good article about the Swarm. If you are looking for something to do, you should head to the X tomorrow night. Swarm + free entrance to Roller Girls after. Should be a good time.