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Warren Peters Likely to Face Suspension

UPDATE 8:27PM: Peters has a phone hearing with the league tomorrow. That means he faces 1-5 games. Cannot be more without face-to-face hearing.

Late in the game today against the St. Louis Blues, center Warren Peters made a strong case for his 2011-12 NHL season to be done. He will almost certainly face a much deserved suspension, and after that ends, it would not be surprising to see him sent back to Houston. After all, he is a marginal NHL player anyway, and doing something like this makes Brad Staubitz look like a better option.

That's not a compliment to Staubitz, by the way.

For those who have not seen the incident, Peters crosschecked David Backes directly to the side of the head. I did not watch the game, but it is described as happening after Backes took a couple runs at Wild players. Tsk tsk to Backes all you want, but that does not forgive a crosscheck to the head by Peters.

Here is an animated gif via @cjzero on Twitter. You'll have to click the image to open in a new window.


Not a wise move by Peters. Down right stupid if you ask me. Enjoy the time off, Warren.

Now, if you'll forgive one sarcastic remark... Why don't we hit people in the head with our sticks? Because it would hurt a lot, Warren.

(Full video after the jump, via jerem77)