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Warren Peters Suspended One Game

Brendan Shanahan, NHL Czar of all things punitive and such has decided to suspend Warren Peters one game for cross checking David Backes in the ear.

What was his reasoning?

Key Points

  • Cross-checking (penalty already handed out)
  • No apparent injury (NHL always punishes the result, never the intent)
  • No history (Doesn't mean you can't really screw up on your first offense)

Now, as I've made clear, I feel this was deserving of 6+ games. You can't wield your stick as a weapon toward someone's head. Did we learn nothing from Marty McSorely? How about any of the Wild players with concussions?

Peters needs to have a lesson made at his expense. You simply cannot (especially as the third man in on a fight against one man) hit someone in the head with your stick. Jesus, if anything, punish him for violating Rule 48. This pisses me off. This is the same thinking that leads to guys like Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Jarod Palmer suffering concussions. Until the NHL treats contact to the head as a cardinal sin, they will continue to lose superstars to brain injuries, and they deserve to lose them for their inaction.