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Kyle Brodziak Re-Signed For 3 Years.

The #SignBrodziak movement's mission has been accomplished: Kyle Brodziak has re-signed for 3 years, at 2.83 million per year. While it could have been interesting to test his worth on the trade market, there's no doubt that Brodziak has been one of the more important players this year for the Wild. In total, Brodziak has scored 40 goals and 98 points in 221 games donning the Wild colors.

Here are a few of his stats this season compared to the rest of the team:

- 4th on the team with 29 points, his 15 goals just one off his career-high.

- He's also 4th in TOI per game among Wild forwards with 18:43 per game.

- Second to Darroll Powe by 2 seconds in PK time per game with 2:35 per game.

- 4th on the team in hits with 66.

- 2nd among team forwards in blocked shots with 42.

- 1st in takeaways by a large margin with 53

- 2nd in shooting percentage (11.9) among team players having taken at least 50 shots.

- 3rd on the team in powerplay goals with 4.

- 3rd on the team in shots with 126.

When you consider that Brodziak can play anywhere in the lineup, displays great leadership by example, plays with everything he has every single game, makes the players around him better, can kill penalties with the best of them and puts up top 5 team numbers in so many categories, I believe 2.83 million per year is very good. Also, Brodziak strikes me as the kind of guy we're going to want on the team once they make the playoffs, as he has all the qualities that makes a player a playoff star. The 3 year term also gives the prospects some time to develop in Houston before coming over to Minnesota.

The fans got what they asked for, but the question is: What do you think? Did Fletcher slam a home-run on this one, or could he have done better? Pour your heart out, Wilderness.