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Wilderness Walk for 2-2-2012: Game Day Edition

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No surprise, most of the talk around the NHL sites is about Marek Zidlicky. We meandered through a few of them, and brought you the best. Some talk about if they would want him, others simply bring up his availability. Some doubt his availability. Let's be clear on this. He is available, and with immediacy.

Other than Zidlicky, there was plenty of talk about The Meltdown, too. Sprinkle in a little Heately talk, some former Wild draft pick chatter, and talk about the *barf* shootout, and you have a hefty Walk today. You're going to want to stretch. At bare minimum, you might want to bring a beer with. Yes. At 9AM. Just do it. Breakfast of Champions. Other tagline here.

Enjoy your day.

First Things First

Defending The Blue Line | Joining Forces Community Challenge - I'm not going to stop bugging you. Go vote.

Wild News

No time to dwell on improbable loss | - Nothing to see here, folks. Moving on.

Game Day: Wild at Colorado | - A little preview for ya.

Wild looks forward; Latendresse takes step back | - Not good news.

Heatley finally clicking for desperate Wild club - Finally is the perfect word.

Wild want to quickly put loss behind them - Bet they do.

What are the biggest questions facing each NHL team down the stretch of 2011-12 season? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Indeed.

Minnesota Wild try to rebound from bad loss - - Should be interesting to be sure.

Marek Zidlicky Talk

Marek Zidlicky anyone? | Sports Forums - Blues Talk - Blues fans seem torn about Zidlicky. One even thinks Zidlicky is better than Mike Green.

GM Would Ya: Marek Zidlicky? - Lighthouse Hockey - LHH seems fairly sure they don't want him.

Marek Zidlicky - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN - Good chat here.

The Marek Zidlicky sweepstakes!? - The Globe and Mail - I do enjoy the word sweepstakes.

Red Light District Hockey: Unhappy Zidlicky hits market - Indeed he does.

Unhappy Defenseman Marek Zidlicky Now Available? | Edmonton Journal - How nice would it be to steal some talent from the Oilers with Zidlicky? Cam Barker and then Zidlicky? Man... please make this happen.

Enemy News

Mile High Hockey - Your home for all things Avalanche.

Off the Trail

Brian Burke continues to impress.

Flames sign and recall Kolanos | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun - Krys Kolanos. Nice. That'll fix it. Rather than old and over paid, they are going with a side of young and untalented.

Rand: What if all sports had shootouts? | - Then all sports would end in the dumbest way imaginable.