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Wilderness Walk for 2-21-2012

With the lack of content for the Walk today, it was almost a no go. We discussed it, and thought we would put up the few links we have, since it gives us a chance to talk a bit about the deadline with all of you.

For you, we will have a piece on what the Wild can sell and what selling might be worth. That's a bit later. For now, our discussion centers around your sources for news leading up to and on deadline day. Many of you are new around here, and may be new to the online hockey world, so we thought we would give you a list of places to NOT trust for your deadline information

  • Hockey Buzz - everything on that site is garbage. There may be a writer or two that is worth a read, but it flat out isn't worth the trouble. Nothing rumor based is true. Nothing. At. All. The site is junk, and if you pay to use it, you've completely lost your mind.
  • HF Boards - There are good people over there, and the discussions about the game can be a good time. Anything trade related is going to be absurd. If anyone says they have information that is not being reported... no they don't.
  • Twitter - This one is tricky. All of the real sources for info will put it on Twitter first. The problem is when a guy who actually knows something is faked and people who should know better fall prey to a fake account. Make sure you check the source by clicking on the user name. The people in the know will have tens of thousands of followers, not 17. Be wary, folks.

Do you have a trusted source? Who is it? Any others the Wilderness should know to avoid?

Wild News

The Wild Reward Brodizak For Hard Work - Sorry Tom.

On second thought…about Kyle Brodziak | Edmonton Journal
- No matter how arrogant the Oilers crowd may be... their team blew it here, and you can all rub that in their collective face if you would like.

Ending drought is relief, but Cullen wants more | - Good to know one win isn't enough.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Rise of the Wolves continues - Yuk.

Off the Trail

Eight Predictions for the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline | The Hockey Writers - I agree with almost all of this.