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Minnesota Wild at the Deadline: What Does Chicago Have to Offer?

Attempting to remain on this side of the crazy line, and avoid being rumor mongers, we attempt to not jump on every comment and make you think something is happening. Our Jump to Conclusions Mat has been stored in the closet, behind grandma's old shows from the '30s that mom just can't seem to get rid of. In other words, Matt Hackett being called up does not signal trade to us, it signals injury.

Which is more likely with the Wild, after all?

That said, when a credible source says something worth talking about, we talk about. Mike Russo, in an online chat from an airplane (how cool is that?) made mention that Chicago is looking hard for a d-man, and that they may very well be having conversations with the Wild about said D-man. Chicago looking for a defenseman at the deadline? You all need to step back from the ledge... Nick Leddy can't traded twice.

In the chat, Russo was asked several times about the Wild selling, buying, trading, signing, making sandwiches, bathing habits... OK, those last two aren't true.

At one point, Russo answered:

I'd think they would trade Zanon. The price for UFA D-men has been high, around a 2nd-round pick. That's if you attacked early though. I'd think guys like Bryan Allen in Carolina and Jaroslav Spacek in Carolina and Greg Zanon would be coveted by playoff teams. Chicago is looking for a puck mover and a gritty guy, and the Wild's Blair MacKasey scouted last night's Blackhawks-Red Wings game.

Later in the chat, when asked which teams are the most desperate to make a move, Russo answered with:

I think Chicago is desperate to add a Dman and is talking to Minnesota and Carolina.

(There was more to that answer, but nothing important to our current conversation.)

So, Russo feels the Blackhawks are ready to trade for a defenseman, they want a puck mover and a gritty guy, and the Wild are scouting the Hawks. This all sounds really good. But does anything come from it? GMs talk. They talk a great deal. They are always... talking. The word normally used is "discussions" are being had. If you jumped up and down every time two GMs had "discussions," you'd be Eklund.

However, when the source is credible, things can become at least somewhat worthy of discussion. The question becomes... what do the Wild want in return? Picks? Players? Prospects? Nick "The Savior" Leddy?

Let's leave this to all of you. If, and that's still a big if, the Wild and Blackhawks do complete a trade for either Greg Zanon or Marek Zidlicky (or both)... what would you like to see come back? The first one to say "Duncan Kieth" gets smacked.

The first one to say "Patrick Kane..." will be traded to Copper and Blue.