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Wilderness Walk for 2-25-2012: Farewell Zidlicky Edition

What should we talk about today? Hmm... the best way to make a chocolate cake? The best route to take when 35W is backed up?

The story today will be the trade of Marek Zidlicky to the Devils. It will likely make the rounds of all the national sites, with analysis and breakdown. Especially because it involved an east coast team. Ammaright? It really is too bad that Mark Idiocy won't be around anymore, but such is life.

The Walk is dominated by Zidlicky news, but as it turns out, there was also a hockey game played. Who knew? Enjoy your day. We'll be back with our own take on the move in about an hour.

Enjoy your day.

Vote - Time to vote for Defending the Blue Line. It's what Zidlicky would never have done.

Wild News

Dissecting Zidlicky-to-New Jersey trade, Wild's loss at Dallas | - Good post from Russo.

Marek Zidlicky heading to New Jersey for 2 familiar faces, lots more | - Rants from earlier in the day.

Devils pay heavy price to add Marek Zidlicky - NHL - Sporting News - Indeed.

NHL trade deadline: Oilers re-sign Ales Hemsky, Devils deal for Marek Zidlicky - - Still more.

Minnesota Wild trade Marek Zidlicky to Devils, actually get something of value for him | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
- Good post from Wysh.

Marek Zidlicky's exit generates a wave in return | - News paper version.

New Jersey Devils Acquire Marek Zidlicky From the Wild - In Lou We Trust - Reaction from the Devils side.

The Team of 18,001: The Zidlicky Soap Opera Ends - Yessir.

Momentum plunges south again in Dallas | - A game? What now?

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Former Player Update: Mitch Love article - A little non-Zidlicky reading.

The Third Intermission: 3-2 loss to Texas + a small trade and a huge trade - More reading about losing.

Aeros fall on road again as they await new acquisitions - Houston Chronicle - In case you didn't get enough.

Off the Trail

Zach Parise: Devils are a close team, trade won't change chemistry | - Sure. Sure it won't.