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Brad Staubitz Claimed by Montreal Canadiens

If anyone expected major deals today, they haven't seen them yet. The Wild have been quiet, and that's really all that matters here at Hockey Wilderness. That said, as the title tells you, Brad Staubitz is gone from Minnesota, claimed on re-entry waivers by the Montreal Canadiens.

This move is a bit of a head scratcher. The Habs don't look like the type of team that needed a guy who plays six minutes a game and can't be trusted in big situations. What the Habs were thinking is beyond comprehension. It is good for Staubitz, and we are glad to see him get another chance, but what the move does to make the Habs better is something that is not currently known.

The joke the other day was that maybe Chuck Fletcher was trying to get revenge for the Chris Simon for a sixth. It looks like the Habs really wanted to tell their fans... "Hey look, we brought in help."