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Nick Schultz Holds Court in Edmonton

We share this video for several reasons.

  1. How odd is it to see Nick Schultz in an Oilers cap?
  2. In ten years here in St. Paul, it is unclear if Nick Schultz totaled ten minutes in front of cameras.
  3. Listen to the question and answer around the 5:00 mark. Good humor.
  4. Schultz says it is easy to get hooked on the NFL. I've lived here my whole life, still don't care for it.

It is truly odd to see Schultz command that much attention. After ten years of play in St. Paul, he was an invisible force. The "non-flashy" play the Edmonton media comments on made Schultz an unlikely target for much attention, so seeing him surrounded by media firing questions at him for 10+ minutes is a rather interesting counter image.

If anyone has video of Greg Zanon or Marek Zidlicky holding court like this, please pass it on. Wouldn't want anyone to think this was posted to boost my somehow emotional attachment to Schultz.