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Wilderness Walk for 2-29-2012: Leap Day Edition

Agreed, Tom. Agreed.
Agreed, Tom. Agreed.

Hey hey, an extra day! So very exciting, isn't it? A whole extra day to revel in the misery that is following the Minnesota Wild. How lucky are you?

A couple things will dominate the conversation today. First, is the re-aggravation to Mikko Koivu's shoulder. He'll miss the next two weeks. By then, the season may be mathematically over, in addition to being as over as it realistically is today. If you're honest with yourselves, which has yet to be proven this week, the Wild are cooked. Why bother putting Koivu back on the ice? Do what needs to be done, and get him healthy for next year.

The other story, as much as no one here wants to discuss it, will be Tom Gilbert. His debut was less than stellar, and it is a topic that has to be looked at. The general feeling is that he needs to be given some time, and I agree. I don't think it gets much better, but time will be given. That won't stop anyone, myself included, from pointing out every mistake, and every solid play he makes.

You may want to get used to it.

Moving on.

Wild News

Gilbert: "It Feels Like Home" | - Can we tell him they are all road games?

Gilbert to make Wild debut tonight vs L.A. Kings | - Maybe we can tell him his real debut is in a couple days?

Wild lose big to Kings, lose big man in Koivu | The first sentence of this one was: "Well, that was pretty disastrous." Yes. Yes it was. My bet is that it doesn't get much better, either.

Koivu out two weeks | - This one should read "Koivu out for remainder of season." Maybe that's just me.

Wild captain Mikko Koivu out with aggravated shoulder injury; shut down at least 2 more weeks |
- Some quotes and such. If you want to read more about last night.

Kings Throw Wild Out Of Own Castle - Gone Puck Wild - A Minnesota Wild Blog - This one is pretty classic. Indulge me a longer entry than is normal for a Walk entry, please.

Not a lot to say on this one. Gilbert hasn't been in a Wild sweater for even 48 hours yet, and unlike some folks I'll withhold judgment until he actually gets some real practice time with the team. Yes, he's a pro. He's also just moved cities, changed teams and arenas, and needs to play a new system. Give him a week. Yeesh.

That's aimed at me. At least have the stones to call me out by name. No one else is reading your work, you may as well admit you called me out.

He just moved? Yeah. And? He's a pro hockey player, they are on the move almost everyday. Changed teams and arenas? He's played here several times before, and changing teams doesn't make you suck at the basics. They don't change anywhere you go.

Give him a week? He has all the time he wants or needs. Am I going to give him a pass for a week? Not a chance.

It gets better:

UPDATED: I'm going to dig into the recent changes tomorrow and was going to bring this up then, but it's important enough to mention now. As a reader commented on Facebook (and I wholeheartedly agree), there was one bright spot in a Wild sweater tonight. Nick Palmieri was absolutely impressive.

The problem is... HERE is the site's Facebook page. No one commented on it. Just saying. Can't wait for Mark to get his hits from being posted here and being so happy to have set a new site record. He can even tell all 37 people on his Twitter and 10 on the Facebook page about it. Quite the accomplishment.

Oh... one more thing... the game was here in St. Paul. There is no castle here. Really, really lame headline.

OK, I feel better. Bitterness and sarcasm vented. Moving on.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Post Trade Deadline Wrap-up - Good write up from Ms. C.

First Round Bust: Talking Penticton and Mario Lucia: Q&A with Fraser Rodgers - Excellent interview with the PbP guy for the Vees. You don't know who the Vees are? Pay better attention.

Man that felt good.