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Cal Clutterbuck: Passionate Leader or Over the Edge?

It is no secret that opposing fan bases don't like Cal Clutterbuck. You've all read it. He's a "dirty" player who constantly tries to hurt people and makes late hits, right? Well, according to most NHL fans, yes. No one can seem to provide evidence of anything dirty, but they are going to think what they want. Canucks fans think he is dirtier than Alex Burrows.

Yes, really.

Recently, the conversation among Wild fans is not is Clutterbuck dirty, but has Clutterbuck crossed a line with his anger on the ice? There was a fight with Maxime LaPierre back on February 9th. A fight that it looked like Clutterbuck took on because no one else on the team seemed to want to. That's how it looked then.

Now, the chatter is that Clutterbuck is just an angry human being looking to vent frustration. It came to a head last night when this happened.

Now, as an isolated event, this shows some strong frustration in a guy that cares about a season that is likely lost. When you add it to the pattern of slamming bench doors in almost every game, the fight with LaPierre, and a new found penchant to not draw the penalty but to take the penalty, the question is...

Is Cal Clutterbuck showing the passion it takes to be a leader on a team that seems to have given up and leaving it all on the ice, or has he crossed a line? We want your opinions on this one. Let us hear it in the comments.