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Wilderness Walk for 2-4-2012: Game Day Edition

It's Saturday. It's game day. In Dallas. The Wild have not won in Dallas in almost nine years. I'm sure it's too small of a sample size to claim there is some intimidation factor there for the Wild without getting a lecture, but let's just say... there really is no reason fro Russo to be there. Most likely he could just use a gamer from one of the other games he covered there, and just change the coach's name.

Yeah, I have some doubts.

The good news? My taxes are done, and thanks to paying out a ton in college tuition, we get some money back. Which, more than likely will go to such exciting endeavors as... paying off a credit card. Yes, kids, I'm living the dream.

Enjoy the game tonight. Part of my dream is working on Saturday nights. Fun.

First Things First

GO VOTE FOR DTBL - No really. Do it. Now.

Wild News

Wild acquires Christensen from New York Rangers for Casey Wellman | - Rants on Christensen

The Third Intermission: Casey Wellman Traded To Whale - Reaction from Houston.

Wellman, Wild never really clicked | - Indeed. All the best, Casey.

Wild makes move in push to help its lagging offense | - Without being a jerk here, how does the third line boost the offense?

Wild take out insurance policy by acquiring Erik Christensen from Rangers - - AFLAC!

Wild hope Christensen will bring scoring - Same question.

Thoughts on the Erik Christensen Trade | Jacques Lemaire's Trap

Zach Parise To The Minnesota Wild: Too Easy? - - Great post from Bruce over at the NHL hub.

Enemy News

Dallas Stars News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW - Newspaper home for the Stars.

Defending Big D - As always, your SBN home for all things Dallas.

Tending the Fields

Penticton ties BCHL record with 29th win in a row | - Why is this a big deal? This is where Mario Lucia plays. Who is that? You're behind on your reading.

Off the Trail

Who's available if Hawks decide to get a goalie? - I was dismissive in the comments section yesterday when this was brought up. I just don't see the Hawks after a goalie.

NHL Saturday: Reinstituting red line good talking point | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun - Was enjoying this read unti... Wild GM Cliff Fletcher made an appearance.

Minnesota Wild complete coverage | - Hopefully it is still there, but there is a cool video on the Strib's main page for Wild coverage showing the conversion to the rodeo set up.

A change is coming : Wild Nation - Best of luck to Blake as he moves Wild Nation to a weekly column.