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Wilderness Walk for 2-6-2012

Breaking news: From Russo, via Twitter - Nate Prosser is signed to a two year, one way deal. Message to the rest of the defensive corps... sent.

Looking at my calendar, the trade deadline is about three weeks away. Plenty of time to get so worked up into a fervor that we can't, as a group, collectively think our way out of a wet paper bag. A couple of reminders: sites like Hockey Buzz and "NHL Sources Say," as well as HF Boards and other places are NOT legitimate news sources. Of the three, HF Boards can garner some useful information, and is a vibrant (and for the most part unregulated) community, with some good people, but do not buy into the trade rumors there.

This is simply a warning that comments that begin with "Well, Hockey Buzz says..." with be met with mockery and sarcasm at such a level that it may break your computer.

We apologize in advance to anyone who may be offended by this warning. However, if you buy into to the moronic rumor mongering with zero basis in fact whatsoever, we have zero place to begin a conversation. Beware the people who say "I heard from a source with the team," or claim to have information they should not have. NHL GMs play information very close to their chest.

Even people in the highest levels of the administration do not have the information these sites claim to have. So, unless you read it from a source you know has it from a GM or assistant GM, I wouldn't buy it for a handful of sand.

Moving on.

First Things First

VOTE - Go vote for DTBL today. I'll beg if you want me to.

Wild News

Heatley's line runs on all cylinders | - How do your break it up? Maybe you don't.

Top line's success without Mikko Koivu has Wild reconsidering configurations - - View from the other side of the river.

First Round Bust: Let's Talk About Zach Parise - Good read. This will be a hot topic for the next three weeks. However, remember that the Devils have said Parise will not be traded. Unless you have inside information, this seems like a non-starter.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: View from the Press Box - Aeros lose 2-1 to Milwaukee - Wa wa waaaa....