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Wilderness Walk for 2-7-2012: Game Day Edition

Cody McLeod attempts to show Clayton Stoner where the chocolates are.
Cody McLeod attempts to show Clayton Stoner where the chocolates are.

Let me start off by wishing a very happy birthday to my father. Happy birthday, old man.

Now, onto hockey.

No lectures today. Just some programming notes. We will be having some discussions on the trade deadline starting up eventually. We're in no hurry, so long as you aren't. We'll look at the deadline from all kinds of perspectives. If there are players you would like looked at, ideas you have for the Wild, or just thoughts about the deadline you might like expounded on, let us know.

Looks like another repulsive day of sun and warmer than normal temps here in the Twin Cities. Ridiculous. I hope it's 40 below in August.

First Things First

VOTE - Why aren't you voting? We need your help. Very, very simple process. Please go vote. If each of you voted just one time, we would have a massive lead.

Wild News

Will Koivu Play Tomorrow?- That makes it today, and the answer seems to be... maybe.

Prosser Signs Two-Year Extension | - Yep he did.

Contract deal helps Prosser live his dream | - And the dream of many others. Live it up, kid.

Prosser deal official; Koivu practicing | - More from practice.

Enemy News

BlueJackets Xtra | Columbus Blue Jackets news, stats, photos, video - Jackets news to get your fingers dirty.

The Cannon - SBNation for all things Jackets. Good people over there. Be good to them.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: The Bonding Trip - Ah, bonding. So sweet.

The Third Intermission: Western Conference Power Rankings - Your look at the power in the AHL.

Off the Trail

McKenzie: Ruutu trade could be going down this week | ProHockeyTalk - So Carolina wants a high draft pick or a top prospect for a guy with 27 points? This won't end well for them.