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Wilderness Walk for 2-8-2012: What Now Edition

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That's your question of the day: What now?

The term embarrassing is being thrown about with reckless abandon, yet this isn't really embarrassing anymore, is it? It is just who they are. The Wild have become themselves, and have become... mediocre. Not losing enough to get a good pick, not winning enough to stay in the race. To that end, the experts say the Wild have just a 38% chance of making the playoffs right now. Early this year, it was over 90%. The loss to the Blue Jackets dropped them by nearly 12%.

So the question remains... what now? The trade deadline approaches. Buy? Sell? Neither? Give up and go home?

At this point it seems unlikely a trade is going to make a difference. Yet, no one seems to be lining up to buy the would be cast offs of the Wild either. Hope everyone has their Red Bull ready on the 27th. Going to be a long ride to the end is my guess.

First Things First

VOTE - Defending the Blue Line is up for a Presidential Award. No monetary award, just recognition for the work we do to support the families of service members. Won't you please consider voting? One vote from each member of the Wilderness would put us in the lead. One vote from each of you. One. One time. Please?

Wild News

Wild takes step back in Columbus, returns home | - Even knowing it was coming doesn't remove the nagging feeling that they should have won this.

Koivu Out, Target Thursday |- A return versus the Canucks? Hmmm...

Goalie coach seeking solution to Backstrom's shootout woes | - If anyone can fix it, it is Bob Mason. Good luck, sir.

Last-place Blue Jackets throttle Wild | - Yeah, well, but what's their PDO, huh? (No one cares. Save it)

Tending the Fields

Chilliwack Progress - Vees set wins mark by thumping Chiefs - 30 wins. In a row. Unreal.

Off the Trail

Ms. Conduct: Goalie brain in overdrive - Strap on your helmet and take a dive into the mind of Ms. C.

The Concussion Discussion: State of Hockey changing the game | - Excellent series from KARE11 on concussions.

Price of NHL deadline trades soars – - Indeed. This deadline is going to suck.

Former Sharks captain Owen Nolan announces retirement from NHL. | - Best of luck in whatever is next for you, sir.