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Wilderness Walk for 2-9-2012: Game Day Edition

Late starts to the things you really want to do are horrible. Apologies on the monstrously late Walk.

Tonight should be fun, right? That's the word we want to use? Fun? Roberto Luongo is benched in St. Paul. Again. But it's small sample size and AV would never doubt his goalie's abilities. Or, so I'm told. Truth is, the X is a house of horrors for Bobby Lu, and his coach knows it. I wouldn't bet he never starts here again, after all, his contract runs through 2057, so the law of large numbers applies.

I would bet he gets chased in his next start here, though.

Quick Walk today, so you weren't missing much with my tardiness. Enjoy the day, if we don't talk between, we'll talk to you for the game.

First Things First

VOTE - Have you voted today? It's time.

Wild News

First Round Bust: A Call To Arms (Vote For Defending The Blueline) - See? Even FRB wants you to vote.

Koivu takes full part in Wild practice | - Waiting for Mikko, showing at the Orpheum.

Koivu's return looking likely | - Skating with Heatley and Setoguchi, too.

Koivu's return should help Setoguchi improve - Could. Should have used could.

Enemy News

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - "News"paper version.

Nucks Misconduct - SBN home for the Nucks. Good people, despite poor taste in hockey teams.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Road trip starts out with a loss to Chicago - Stop losing. We need something up here to get us through.

Off the Trail

Person familiar with plan tells AP: Red Wings vs Maple Leafs in Winter Classic at Big House | - Leafs / Wings? Would you watch that?