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Minnesota Wild Sign Charlie Coyle

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Someone get that kid a new hat.
Someone get that kid a new hat.

In case our experiment with looking to free agency was too much for anyone, here is a bit of good news for you. The Wild have signed prospect Charlie Coyle to an entry level deal, locking him in as a part of the future of this franchise.

Borught in as part of the Brent Burns trade, Coyle started the season at Boston University, before leaving school and joining the Saint John Sea Dogs with fellow Wild prospect Zack Phillips. It comes to little surprise that Coyle was signed, as there was no longer any NCAA rules preventing such a deal. No details available on the deal yet, but you can be Russo is working on them, so follow him at @RussoStrib to be the first to know.

For those who are about to ask, the answer is no. Charlie Coyle will not be joining the Minnesota Wild this season. There is a possibility he joins the Aeros after the Sea Dogs are done, but that is far from a guarantee as well. For now, simply enjoy the fact that another piece of the future is locked in, and ready to begin his course toward the NHL.

Update: Contract is for three years, per @MNWild. No word on $, as per team policy.