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Minnesota Boys' High School Hockey Tournament: Class A Championship Gamethread

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Game 13

St. Thomas Academy Cadets vs. Hermantown Hawks

Game Time - 12:00 PM

The Cadets have gotten this far by playing the best defense in Class A. David Zevnik has been perfect up to this point. That trend will have to continue for the Cadets to secure their 4th Championship in 6 years. Teams that have the hot goalie and best defense tend to do well, and the Cadets are no exception. The defense shut down one of the best offenses in Class A when the Cadets blanked the Breck School. They are a hard team to score against, and remaining that way all but guarantees their victory.

If Hermantown wants to avenge last year's Championship loss, they're going to need the 2nd and 3rd lines to play a big role. If they haven't figured it out yet, Eric Schurhamer is a great shutdown defensman. The Hawks won't be able to rely on just one line to power them to their 2nd State Championship. Gronseth and Koepke, in particular, need to have exceptional games in order to give the Hawks a chance. The Hawks will also have to get as many pucks to the net as possible. Nothing has gotten past Zevnik and the Cadet defense so far in the tournament. Scoring against this team isn't going to be easy, so the Hawks are going to have to do everything they can if they hope to break the Cadet's shutout streak.

TV coverage is on Channel 45 locally.
Live streaming online HERE.
Radio coverage 107.5