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Minnesota Boys' High School Hockey Tournament: Class AA Championship Gamethread

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Game 14

Hill-Murray Pioneers vs. Benilde-St. Margaret's Red Knights

Start Time - 7:00 PM

Holding the pre-season ranking of #2, Benilde-St. Margaret's is exactly where they expected to be. They're a deep offensive team, and Justin Quale gives the Red Knights a chance to win every game. The biggest obstacle in their way is themselves. If the Red Knights come out and play their best hockey, there are very few teams that can skate with them. If they come out like Duluth East and expect the title to be handed to them, they're going to be in for a rude awakening. Their opponent in Hill-Murray isn't going to give them anything. They're going to have to be ready for a tough, physical game similar to how the Pioneers played Moorhead.

The Pioneers need to continue to play physical hockey. They have improved each game of this tournament and have shown a lot of moxy. That will have to continue if they want to bring home another State Championship. The Pioneers really took control of their game against Moorhead in the 2nd period and never relinquished control. They're going to want to do that from the start of the game against a very powerful Benilde-St. Margaret's squad. There's no guarantee that they can take back control of a championship game if they allow the Red Knights to jump out and gain an early lead. Benilde hasn't given up leads, and I don't expect them to do it here at Xcel.

TV coverage is on Channel 45 locally.
Live streaming online HERE.
Radio coverage 107.5