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Wilderness Walk for 3-11-2012: Game Day Edition

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Tom Gilbert lines up for a faceoff while Devin Setoguchi prepares for the <em>actual</em> faceoff.
Tom Gilbert lines up for a faceoff while Devin Setoguchi prepares for the actual faceoff.

How about that Tourney? Wow... talk about story line after story line. And Grant Besse scoring five goals (!), three shorthanded? Simply ridiculous. Congrats to both the BSM Red Knights and the STA Cadets on their state championships yesterday.

And let's take a second to thank Jesse for the outstanding coverage over the past four days. Spending that much time in the press box is something few people get to do, and yet it can wear on a guy after four days. Thank you to Jesse for the hard work (Sorry, Tom), and for the excellent coverage not only at the Tourney, but throughout the high school season. Great job, sir.

We get back in the routine of a morning Walk, even if there isn't much to look at. Here we go. Tie your shoes.

First Things First

Camo Sweater Auction - Today is the last day for bidding in the Wild camo sweater auction, benefiting Defending the Blue Line.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 7th - Tied with Toronto and Anaheim at 68 points. One point out of top five.

Playoff Position: Eight points out of 8th, four teams ahead.

Wild News

Wild hopes Harding can back up Hackett tomorrow | - Nothing against Harding, but it would be nice to know what these backup plans are.

Nick Palmieri: Before I Made It - The Hockey News - Good read, if you are into the back story on players.

Yeo has some backup plans if Harding isn't ready to go | - Newspaper version.

Enemy News

Sports - Flames-Hockey - Calgary Herald - News about the Flames.

Calgary Flames Hockey Blog | FlamesNation - Looks like we have to look outside the SBNation family for the Flames fan's take as well.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: View from the Press Box - Aeros dominate Griffins - Aeros win!

Off the Trail

A Tourney To Remember: Boys State Hockey Montage | KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul - Watch this. Seriously. Now.

First Round Bust: James Sheppard Called Up By San Jose - Good for him. I think.

State Tourney 2012 Page on Hockey Wilderness - Miss any of Jesse's coverage? You can find it all, right here.