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Wilderness Walk for 3-12-2012

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The day after game day is slowly losing its luster. If someone has any entertaining stories to tell, let us know, OK? OK.

Later this week, the WCHA Final Five comes to the Xcel Energy Center. We'll try to get you a bit of a preview of the event with (as always) a focus on the Minnesota teams involved. The tournament starts on Thursday, so we'll have you prepped before then. In the meantime, we stay focused on the Wild and the Dive for Top Five.

There isn't much to talk about today, as you will see after the jump, but here we are. Walking.

Enjoy your day, all.

Wild News

Wild, post-game | - Post game fun with Kent Youngblood.

Start and finish are sore spots that sting Wild again in defeat | - And most of the middle.

'Rusty' Christensen breaks loose with pair of goals | - Rusty? Yikes.

Christensen pots first two goals in Wild sweater - And did so almost immediately after I called him out.

Tending the Fields

Griffins get the best of Aeros at Toyota Center - Houston Chronicle - Aeros win, Wild win. Aeros lose, Wild lose. It's impressive.

Off the Trail

'Curse' calls for a change | - It's all in your heads.

Sheppard won't play for Sharks this season - Aw, shucks.