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Wilderness Walk for 3-13-2012: Game Day Edition

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There sure are a lot of pictures of Wild players falling down lately. Probably a coincidence.
There sure are a lot of pictures of Wild players falling down lately. Probably a coincidence.

Game day. Yippie.

At least the college hockey free agent season is upon us. Maybe that will provide some excitement. The top NCAA player around is done for the season, and could use a loophole to pick where he plays. Sean Lorenz is done with school... will the Wild sign him? Should they? Plenty of excitement to be had around this time of year, even if it isn't on the ice.

The good news for everyone? Around noon, you'll have a sneak peek at the top five in the draft. Dan left us some interesting tid bits before he set of for paradise, so we'll have that. Also, in about an hour, read a bit of venting about a story making news all around Minnesota.

We'll be around to provide some fun. Not sure what else to do at this point. Enjoy your day.

Wild News

Focus remains for Wild's Koivu | - Just call it good, Mikko. Everyone will understand.

Unhappy Yeo sends players a message | - Good to see the coach still pushing.

Wild injury updates and a Seann William Scott Extra | - A little Rants fun with Russo.

Clutterbuck Practices; WCHA Final Five Set | - Clutterbuck, Koivu, Stoner... this team could almost be good.

Hitting The Post: The Problem of Apathy - Good read over at Hitting the Post

Yeo disappointed with the way the Wild lost - You aren't alone, coach.

One for the Books: The Tale of the 2011-12 Minnesota Wild - In case you're ready for a post-mortem already.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: As most people do, the Aeros control their own destiny - Must be nice.

The Third Intermission: Patrick O'Shite! Rising Rivermen routing ... everyone. - Some of the teams in the AHL? Pretty good.

First Round Bust: Justin Schultz and The Intrigue Down I-94 - Could Justin Schultz really be available? And if so, would he sign here?

Enemy News

Dallas Stars News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW - Newspaper home of the Dallas Stars

Defending Big D - SBNation site for the Stars. Good people.