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Wilderness Walk for 3-16-2012

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The slip and slide was a bad idea.
The slip and slide was a bad idea.

SUCCESS! The Dive for Top Five has been achieved. Toronto and Carolina both won last night, dropping the dormant Wild into the fifth draft position. As you will see after the jump, it may be short lived. Maybe.

Programming notes: College hockey will continue to dominate Hockey Wilderness today, so if you aren't a college hockey fan, we apologize in advance. Games today include DU vs UMD, and the UofM vs UND. Game threads will be available about an hour before each game. Stop by and talk trash with your fellow Wilderness members. If I learned anything from yesterday, we have a diverse fan base when it comes to college hockey, so you could have some fun.

Word on the street is that both Bruce and Jesse will be in attendance today. Bruce can be heard calling the game on 94X out of Duluth, and Jesse can be found... well... here.

There isn't much going on in the world of the Wild, so our Walk takes us on a search for interesting topics. I hope you enjoy. If not, well, move to Norway.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 5th - One point from third.

Wild News

Koivu cleared for contact, Cullen does not practice | - Good news for the team, bad news for the Dive for Top Five.

Koivu Cleared For Contact |- Yep.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: VIDEO: Jason Zucker Scores OT Winner Against Michigan Tech - He did. I saw it happen.

The Third Intermission: Rivermen grab Midwest Lead from Wolves - Update on the AHL.

Off the Trail

Halo removed from Jablonski's head | - Looking for some good news? Here it is.

Hallelujah, the NHL isn’t kicking off the season in Europe next year | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Agreed, though not because I am selfish. I just think playing games in Europe is stupid.

Wings getting a share of adversity - Detroit Red Wings - News - Yeah. Fourth most points in the NHL, 20 straight years of playoff hockey. They've lost three in a row. Everyone say it with me: Awwwww...

And, finally... to fit in with our college hockey theme...