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Wilderness Walk for 3-17-2012: Game Day Edition

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Having a rough season, the Canes decided to tilt the arena.
Having a rough season, the Canes decided to tilt the arena.

Today's Walk is rather short, and a bit late. Deal with it.

As you will see in the links, most of the writers covering the Wild are flush out of things to write about, despite injured players coming back. That topic, for many around these parts, is a bit touchy. Your guys are injured long term, and they are coming back in a lost cause? Meh. Sure, it sets up a strong finish and gives the guys something positive to end on, but what happens if Backstrom gets hurt again? Or Koivu's shoulder gets worse?

As I said, meh. I get it. I know why they are coming back. That doesn't mean I need to agree. I also don't have to pay for a ticket, so I understand why the fans are excited they are coming back.

Your links... after the jump.

Wild News

Traffic Reminder For Saturday, March 17 - Minnesota Wild - News - Leave early, have a plan.

Injured players back at practice | - Indeed they are.

Koivu’s Status: TBD; Cullen, Harding and Setoguchi Return | - We'll see, but I doubt he sits if allowed to play.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros Honor Jon DiSalvatore - As they should.

The Third Intermission: View from the Press box: Holy blankety-blank ... Aeros win, Aeros win again. - Yes, yes they did.

Enemy News

Frozen Four win remains fresh for Carolina's Justin Faulk | - Yes, even our own newspaper is covering the Canes. | Canes - Newspaper home for the Canes.

Canes Country - One of my favorite sites on SBNation, and one I don't visit nearly enough.