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Wilderness Walk for 3-19-2012: Game Day Edition

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I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck...
I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck...

A Canucks game in the middle of the Dive for Top Five? Yowza. This one should be interesting.

The Wild, to their credit, have clearly not given up... at least not completely. The links below have some good quotes from a clearly defeated team, and the players want to win just to win. Again, it is tough to blame them. These guys are competitors, and it is a relief that they are not enjoying themselves. It sucks to lose, we've all been there.

Writing about the team isn't exactly a joyful experience either, and as you can all attest... being a fan of the team is really not easy. Only eleven more to go, folks. Time to shift the focus to flat out enjoying that it is hockey. Make sure you all find some time to enjoy the games. Even if they lose, and lose badly, they are still

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 3rd overall - One point behind (?) the Canadiens and Islanders. Four points ahead (?) of the Oilers for the second overall pick.

Wild News

Palmieri reassigned by the Wild; Zucker update | - Turns out, it was a move to build confidence. Let's hope it works.

Wild home woes -- painful for fans, painful for players | - Honestly, booing the team at this point is just disingenuous. They aren't very good, accept it for what it is.

Tending the Fields

Regan's Rant: Mr. MVP - Brett Bulmer was named MVP of his junior squad.

The Third Intermission: Fallon Keeps The Train Rolling - Aeros winning is a good thing. At least an AHL playoff race might be entertaining.

The Third Intermission: The post where I swoon about the awesome goalie - Goalies are a strange breed.

Enemy News

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - Yep... Vancouver news at it's best.

Nucks Misconduct - SBNation home of the Canucks, and really the only Northwest blog not full of people who hate me.