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Wilderness Walk for 3-2-2012: Game Day Edition

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The search for pride? Yeah, we'll wait here. You go on ahead.
The search for pride? Yeah, we'll wait here. You go on ahead.

Well that was fun, huh?

As the saying goes, the best way to end talk of the under-performance of the guy you traded your best defenseman for is to have your number one goalie get injured, give up four goals, come back on the back of your enforcer scoring two goals, and lose by falling down in the shootout while the guy you traded for to help in the shootout is benched for being terrible in any aspect other than the shootout. You've all heard that saying, right? Right.

So Backstrom sounds like he could be done for... awhile. You'll see Matt Hackett get recalled for tonight, and you'll now (for some reason) be glad Josh Harding didn't get traded. After all, a tandem of Matt Hackett and Darcy Kuemper would be what you were facing right now. Which, from their performance looks like it may actually be better than what the Wild have. But that would be a disaster, right? Good thing Harding is still here.


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